Grand Designs Bingo/ Grand Designs Drinking Game

This has been inspired by the Channel 4 series Grand Designs (watch on 4oD here). There seem to be many elements that pop up in most episodes, which led to me and some friends coming up with ideas for a Grand Designs bingo card. Having thought about it, it could work equally well as a drinking game, so I've listed the ideas below for you all to use for either.

I may make and put up an actual bingo card at some point in the future. In the meantime you'll just have to use the list.

The list

If you're playing as a drinking game, take a drink every time something in the list happens unless otherwise stated.


With thanks to Ben, Kimble, Dan Brusca, Pete, and Jennie for ideas.

Email me with any suggestions for additions!


Found this Grand Designs drinking game score card via google - some are the same as me and my friends came up with, some are different. The Drinking game group on Facebook.